(Welcome to Toronto!)

Today marks the release of our latest edition: Elska Magazine issue (08) Toronto (Canada)

After just over a year of a lot of Europe and a little bit of Asia, it was great to do our first issue across the Atlantic. But why Toronto? Well, some of our earliest supporters and subscribers were from Canada, so I wanted to make a home issue as a sort of gift to them. I looked at all sorts of cities from St John’s to Saskatoon, but in the end, we got the most response from Toronto boys, and so it was decided.

In this 164-page edition, we met loads of local boys from what is a very multifaceted, multicultural, and multimillion-populated city. We shot guys from 19 to 73, from many races (although in Toronto they tended to be mixed race), and even finally shot our first trans guy, who is also the cover star. Of course all include a story they wrote from their lives in the city, though this is the first issue to have all stories in English, except for one in Dutch.

We shot the men across the city (and you may notice the CN Tower poking out in the background of a fair few images). We also shot them in their homes, including a fair few nudes – some sexy, some vulnerable, and some even humorous… when Harvey S put on a  t-shirt of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau riding a moose, I knew he had to get his cock out and take a pic. You’ll find that on page 89 if you want to skip ahead!

You’ll also notice in this issue a refreshed, cleaner design. I’m sure you’ll love it. So I hope you’ll pick up a copy and join us for our latest journey. Head to the main site,, to buy one, to see a list of stockists, or to subscribe to a year of Elska. And as always, please spread the word.





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