(Assimilationalism… with Marco V from Toronto)

For the first seven editions of Elska, there was always a great mix of languages in the stories. It’s something I love about Elska, even if I’m not sure others like it… but I reserve the right to be a self-indulgent editor sometimes. With Toronto, however, known as such a multicultural city, I was surprised that we only got one story in a language other than English. It was by Marco V, and written in Dutch (followed by an English translation of course). The thing I noticed about Toronto was that although it had all sorts of races, they were already established – second or third generation, so English was the mother tongue. And those who were more recent migrants seemed reluctant to write in their original language because it was important to them to live in English as part of their new Anglo-Canadian life. Which to me sounds less like multiculturalism and more like assimilationalism!

See more of Marco V and read his story in Elska Magazine issue (08) Toronto (Canada):


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