(Justin Trudeau… with Harvey S)

Our shoot with Harvey S was a bit unusual. It started with him opening up a box of wine and then lighting a cigarette, because he needed both of these to relax. He didn’t mind me snapping images as he got his calm on, but he warned that it’d be a while ‘til he would really be ready. And it did indeed take a while. So we took our time, chatted, and listened to music.

We did a few shots in his flat and on his balcony, but he was still feeling a bit shy for the nudes, so we went up to his roof for some clothed shots first, including a some gorgeously lit pics of him up there wearing a shirt that he designed, under the HarveyStewart label.

We then went back to his flat, and now feeling suitably relaxed, he takes all his clothes off and then throws on a vest depicting some handsome man riding a moose with a load of geese flying around him. “Who’s that cute guy on your shirt?” I asked. It was Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister and Prime Hottie of Canada. He then went to find some underwear and I protested. We needed some dick with the PM!

I suppose you’re wondering why the pic’s not posted here, eh? You need to go buy the issue to see it!

See more of Harvey S and read his story in Elska Magazine issue (08) Toronto


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