(Cover Boy… with Tate S)

Choosing a cover for each Elska edition is always a tough choice. Usually we make three or four covers and then seek advice from a small circle of Elskans (that’s my term for an Elska reader, which technically means “darlings”). We then do a little vote to choose the favourite which decides the winner, although like Rupaul on “Drag Race”, the final decision is mine to make.

For the Toronto issue, we had four covers. One was of Adam Z on a balcony with a Toronto skyline view. Another was Mitch D with a load of oh-so-Canadian red maple leaves behind him. Another was Shane H in a rainbow-coloured tunnel wearing a Spice Girls t-shirt. And finally we had Tate S squarely framed between a swimming pool and a window with another skyline view.  Tate was the winner.

Sometimes a cover can be controversial. Of the three cover possibilities for the Lviv issue, I went against advice and chose the one that had “ПТН ПНХ” (“Putin Fuck Off”) written across in graffiti. And then with Berlin there were those who thought using the Berlin Wall as a backdrop was disrespectful. For Toronto, however, the controversy was about the choice to use an image where visible scars were not photoshopped away. In general it’s part of the Elska aesthetic not to over-airbrush, so that’s not the controversy. Let’s just say that these scars are, to some viewers, different. Scars tell a story. And besides, it was about time we showed a bit of skin on a cover, considering how much nudity is actually inside the mag!

By the way, Tate was there with his friend Samson L, and I was so tempted to ask him to shoot too. He was so freaking cute, scruffy dude, but I already had more than enough guys for the issue, and he’s from Nova Scotia anyway. Hmm, shall we do an Elska Halifax issue?

See more of Tate S and read his story in Elska Magazine issue (08) Toronto


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