Elska x SuB Karaköy Hotel

It was a twenty minute walk from Taksim, down Istanbul’s most famous street, Istiklal Caddesi, further downhill to Galata tower, and steeper still almost to the sea, turning left at Karaköy Port to find my hotel. As I approached I knew this was home – the area felt wonderfully local and it had the thing I most love about any neighbourhood – independent shops and coffee houses. This is basically the Shoreditch or Williamsburg of Istanbul, i.e. Hipster Central, and SuB Karaköy is at its heart.

I was welcomed in the lobby lounge with a flask of sherbet, a sort of sweet–spicy cordial that cooled me from the heat outside. I wanted to linger but I had to dash. Mert E was on his way for a shoot. There was just time for a quick shower and before I got a text that Mert was waiting outside. 

Mert was the halfway point of shoot week, so after our session it was time for a break. Off into Hipsterville I went for some hand drip Ethiopia coffee and seriously the best piece of cake I ever had, three layered génoise sponge with mascarpone icing and fresh peach compote. Istanbul is pure sensuality for all the senses. 



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