Welcome to Yokohama, Japan!

First of all, Happy New Year to all you Elskans. And second of all, I’d like to announce that today is the release of our ninth issue of Elska Magazine, this one dedicated to Yokohama, Japan’s second city.

It’s our second journey into Asia following our Taipei adventure from issue (05), but these two cities could hardly be more different. The ultra-modern, high-tech, creative-cool side of Japan is contrasted with a starkly rigid and conservative society. As a result this was actually the hardest issue yet to make, taking a huge amount of perseverance and resourcefulness to get the boys in front of the camera and to get their stories. In Taipei, on the other hand, boys were lining up to take part! But that’s part of what I love about Elska – seeing how various cultures can be so different, and letting those differences show through the photography and the stories.

In Yokohama we met eleven boys, presenting them all to you in this latest issue. All are accompanied by a personal story, including an almost uncomfortably explicit student-teacher liaison epic by Jay W; and a super cute coming out tale by Yosh N. Plus we also present three more lads from around the world in our Elska Dehors section. This issue we feature editorials by Benjamin Fredrickson in Brooklyn;
by Lauro Justino in Rio de Janeiro; and by Łukasz Rusznica in
Takamatsu, Japan.

See our website to find out where Elska is sold, or order a copy online, available in a classic print version or in an electronic version for tablet/iPad.   

Arigato gozaimasu!

– Liam Campbell

Editor and Chief Photographer, Elska Magazine


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