Get Outta My Way… with Semen M

There was a time when editorial fashion photography was what I wanted to do and I took inspiration of course from other editorial photographers but especially from music videos. One of the most beautiful examples of videotography out there is Kylie Minogue’s “Get Outta My Way”, directed by AlexandLiane, which I used to watch over and over. So why did I end up shooting lads in their bedrooms and in their neighbourhoods, without a speck of make-up, fancy lighting or attention to poses?

Well firstly, I did do some work in fashion, but everybody is a total bitch to each other. Like constantly. It is not pleasant, and I was totally unhappy. So I went to Lviv, shot some boys, like Semen M just naked in a bedroom with no direction other than to occasionally look at me.  I wasn’t a bitch to him, he was cool to me, and I was happy. Sorted.

See more of Semen M in Elska Magazine issue (01) Lviv.


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