Reykjavík Redesigned, Reissued… with Sveinn S

People sometimes write in wanting to know our policy about when and if any Elska edition will sell out. There’s nothing set in stone, but basically if we have a really good selling issue, we will reprint them. If it’s less of a big seller, then we will just say goodbye when the current stock runs out. Or sometimes, like with issue (01) Lviv, we just simply felt it was time to close the chapter. I know many of you like to collect all our editions, so I just suggest you don’t wait too long to buy them. Even though our e-versions can be sold more or less indefinitely, there is something special about having our print bookazines on your shelf or coffee table.

By the way, if you haven’t grabbed our issue (03) Reykjavík book yet, it’s just been reissued, including a redesign to match our current style set and a bump from the original 156 to 168 pages. It’s available in shops across Iceland or for order on our website. Sveinn S, pictured, is one of the Reykjavík boys, and you can see more of him and read his story inside.


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