In the Navy… with Tyler J from Yokohama

It was super hard to find guys in Yokohama. On one hand you had the ultra conservatism of Japanese culture making the guys worry about losing their jobs if seen to take part in a queer publication including nude images; and on the other hand you had guys constantly rejecting us because they were convinced that they weren’t good-looking enough to be photographed! Fortunately for us, “local boy” is nothing about ethnicity – you only need to live in the city to be in Elska, and Yokohama was a rather multicultural place. Tyler J was one of those expat local boys, serving in the navy at the local Yokosuka US base, and he had none of those innate Japanese hang-ups. And while clearly not Japanese by blood, he’s very much part of the local culture. If not for guys like Tyler permeating the social landscape, our Yokohama issue would be half the size!

See more of Tyler J and read his story in Elska Magazine issue (09) Yokohama (Japan) 


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