Look at the screen… with Lucas L by Lauro Justino

Lauro Justino submitted to Elska about a year ago and was featured in the Elska Dehors section of our issue (03) Reykjavík. I was so pleased to get another submission from him for our Yokohama issue. One of the pics not published from that series is this one here in which, if you squint, you can see Lauro’s pic in the phone that Lucas is holding. So cute, right? Hopefully one day I’ll get to Rio and shoot Lauro himself, rather than only see images of Lauro’s boys.

See more of Lucas L and read his story in Elska Magazine issue (09) Yokohama (Japan)


Join us in New York to launch our upcoming Elska Magazine issue (10) Mumbai

7pm on March 9, 2017 – BGSQD, 208 West 13th Street, Room 210, New York, NY, 10011

Mark your calendars and celebrate the launch of the tenth edition of Elska Magazine, this time dedicated to Mumbai, India. The founder of Elska Magazine, Liam Campbell, will be there to say a few words about Elska and talk about the experience of meeting and shooting men In India and around the world. Come hang out with us, ask questions, have a chat, maybe meet some boys… and pick up a copy of the latest issue. Free “Elska Mumbai” posters will be available to everyone who buys a copy from the Bureau on the night.

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Lisbon is next to say goodbye…

Having just done a stock check today, I can say that there’s only seven copies left of Elska Magazine issue (04) Lisbon (Portugal). We will not be reprinting these, so if you want one, this is your last chance.

We usually print 500-1000 of each edition, and if we sell out quickly, we print more. Our Berlin, Reykjavík and Taipei issues have already been reprinted four times! However, if they don’t sell quickly, we let them retire when the initial print run sells out. Issue (01) Lviv and issue (08) Toronto are already gone, and (04) Lisbon is next to go. Moral of the story, don’t delay and buy your Elska straightaway!

Get your hands on the last Lisbon issues here:


What are you doing here… with Patrick Inada A

“What are you doing here?!” It’s a question I’ve heard asked many times in my life. Having been born in the USA, and with the tired notion of ‘land of opportunity’ still holding strong, no matter where in the world I’ve lived people wondered why I’d live anywhere but the USA. As if the USA must be better than the UK, Poland, Georgia, whatever. But of course, it’s complicated.

Then when I got to Japan and met Patrick Inada, as much as the question annoyed me, I was asking him the same thing. Raised in Brazil but with Japanese and Indian blood, my puzzlement was less about thinking Brazil is a promised land but more about why someone would choose to live in Yokohama of all places. It just didn’t seem like a place that attracted immigration (which turned out to be very wrong). In the end, I did try to ask him but his answer was vague, and I decided not to push it. I imagined some sort of early mid-life crisis may be to blame and he may not have been in the mood to talk about it, to again answer the same question – “what are you doing here?!”

See more of Patrick Inada A in Elska Magazine issue (09) Yokohama (Japan)



(What Does Erotic Mean?… with Şahin C from Istanbul)

I recently got a letter from a Swedish reader about his experience reading Elska for the first time. He’d come across Elska via our Instagram feed, where he recognised a friend who was in the Taipei issue. He was instantly worried that his friend may have done something stupid, may have been misguided or tricked into posing for a magazine that he’d come to regret. He quickly ordered a copy, read it cover to cover and wrote me to say how relieved and pleased he was that the content was tasteful, artful, and not the erotic mag he’d expected it to be. He then asked if we’d consider doing a Stockholm issue, and if so, that he’d love to be photographed for it. As I told him, I’d love to go to Stockholm and he’s very welcome to be in it. 

​​I’ve long been uncomfortable with the word ‘erotic’. When an early article written about Elska referred to it as ‘erotic’ in the headline, I was upset. I felt it gave Elska a seedy connotation. And as I can see from the letter I got, such articles may scare readers away from Elska. On the other side of the coin, perhaps those expecting a porno are disappointed. 

But what does ‘erotic’ technically mean? A quick google search yields the definition “relating to or tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement”. For me, my intention with Elska isn’t to be erotic, but if people find it erotic, I suppose I can’t help that.

That being said, what is pornography? Another google search refers to it as “printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate sexual excitement”. Ok, so since there’s no intention to cause stiffies, Elska isn’t porn… but it might be erotic. And there’s nothing I can really do about that.

See more of Şahin C and read his story in Elska Magazine issue (06) Istanbul


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