Black Cat… with Kazuta S from Yokohama

Some of the first advice I got before going to make an issue in Japan was to get the app 9 Monsters. “Guys in Japan don’t use Grindr” I was told, so I downloaded it as part of my effort to find local Yokohama boys to shoot. Of course I didn’t speak Japanese, which didn’t make things easy, but I did manage to find Kazuta there.

We met outside his block of flats near to the old part of Yokohama. He took me to his little apartment (everyone in Yokohama had tiny apartments). We really got on well and chatted away as we shot. Really I could have stayed chatting with him all day if I didn’t have another shoot to get to (and if I hadn’t left my assistant waiting in a coffeeshop). But we did spend a nice, long time together, though somehow I forgot to ask him what all those scratches on his chest are. Hmm, perhaps he’s got a black cat lurking on the other side of that Janet Jackson poster!

See more of Kazuta S and read his story in Elska Magazine issue (09) Yokohama (Japan)


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