What are you doing here… with Patrick Inada A

“What are you doing here?!” It’s a question I’ve heard asked many times in my life. Having been born in the USA, and with the tired notion of ‘land of opportunity’ still holding strong, no matter where in the world I’ve lived people wondered why I’d live anywhere but the USA. As if the USA must be better than the UK, Poland, Georgia, whatever. But of course, it’s complicated.

Then when I got to Japan and met Patrick Inada, as much as the question annoyed me, I was asking him the same thing. Raised in Brazil but with Japanese and Indian blood, my puzzlement was less about thinking Brazil is a promised land but more about why someone would choose to live in Yokohama of all places. It just didn’t seem like a place that attracted immigration (which turned out to be very wrong). In the end, I did try to ask him but his answer was vague, and I decided not to push it. I imagined some sort of early mid-life crisis may be to blame and he may not have been in the mood to talk about it, to again answer the same question – “what are you doing here?!”

See more of Patrick Inada A in Elska Magazine issue (09) Yokohama (Japan)


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