Welcome to Mumbai!

Today marks the release of the tenth edition of Elska Magazine, this time set in the pulsating heart of the subcontinent, Mumbai / Bombay. It’s a marvellous and maddening place, full of extremes, but also full of people who maintain their calm and friendliness in the face of it all. Traffic? Heat? Crowds? Noise? Side-by-side wealth and poverty? A rigidly conservative and complex hierarchical society? All of that… But we thought that If we were gonna find Elska boys anywhere in India, it would be here!

Inside this issue you’ll meet fourteen local boys, shot in the city and in their homes. Each also wrote a personal story from their life, giving you a  personal and intimate glimpse into Mumbai life, and in particular queer life. In a country that still fears or ignores homosexuality, Bombay is the place where change is being born. There’s a growing gay scene here, more and more people are coming out, and even a burgeoning LGBT cinema is emerging in Bollywood – helped in no small part from a few of the guys in this issue. 

Also inside this issue you’ll meet two more boys in our Elska Dehors section. One comes from Southern California as shot by Mitch Cullin; the second comes from Paris as shot by Alcibiade de Paros. In all this is an issue we’re super proud of, and at 168 pages, it’s out biggest yet. Head to our website to see a list of stockists or to order your copy directly.


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