Carried away… with Henrique F by Alcibiade de Paros

Elska Magazine issue (10) contains work by two photo-artists beyond Mumbai in our Elska Dehors section. One comes from Alcibiade de Paros where his images and story give a perfect illustration of the intimacy that can exist between photographer and subject.

While a lot of photos are about delivering a well-planned pose, drawing attention to something specific in the frame, or delivering some illusion, I think that the best images reveal some truth. My own approach tends toward a documentary style, but Alcibiade’s work here blends the representation of an authentic relationship with deliberate stylisation. 

The result, particularly after reading the story he wrote for Elska, suggests almost how the subject Henrique’s personality got in the way of the artist’s plans. I imagine that things sort of went off course as the mood carried Henrique away… but rather than force him to go back to the plan, he let him continue and just kept shooting. The result is a moment that couldn’t have happened between any other two people, delivered with a bit of panache. Beautifully honest stuff.

To see more of Alcibiade’s images and to read the story he wrote for us, pick up a copy of Elska Magazine issue (10) Mumbai (India).


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