(The Quiet Ones… with Luke C from Cardiff)

Luke was one of the most up-for-it of the Cardiff boys. He was the first guys we found (I think on Instagram), the first we scheduled to shoot, and the first to send in his story. He also really helped spread the word, inviting two guys from his circle – Robert G and Henry C – to be part of the Cardiff issue. He was also super kind, recommending locations for shooting and even offering to drive us around in his car. 

But when we finally met in person he was so quiet – perhaps nervous, perhaps shy, perhaps just slow to warm up to new people. Initially when confronted with such quietness, I worry that the shoot won’t work, that the guy will be frozen, devoid of expression and incapable of movement. But in front of the camera, Luke was at ease. It’s like that typical artist thing where person is timid only until the spotlight shines on them. Personally I hate being the centre of attention, but if you put me on stage, all the worry drifts away. And when we got back to Luke’s place for the naked shots, he was even more at ease. 

I also felt like Luke and I might have a lot in common. A look around his flat and seeing the books and art he had and hearing the music he played while we shot made me want to know him better. But I felt like there was some barrier. That’s why more than anyone else in the Cardiff issue, I’d like to shoot him again. As much as he let go in front of the camera, I really think he could let go more. We see Luke in the issue for sure, but there’s another level of Luke that was unreachable. I want to try again.

See more of Luke C and read his story in Elska Magazine Issue (07) Cardiff


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