Elska Couples… with S Arif and Inder N from Mumbai

So far we’ve shot three couples for Elska Magazine. The first was in Istanbul. Usually we try to schedule the boys before we go to a city but with Istanbul, it was really hard to do. So we ended up relying heavily on the gay apps, messaging guys left and right. On Hornet I found Sasha B & Tema P, a Russian couple holidaying in Istanbul. They weren’t ‘local boys’ so I was hesitant to shoot them, but they were frequent travellers to Istanbul, totally in love with Turkey, so not exactly unconnected to the city. It was hard to decide to shoot them or not, so in the end I decided to go ahead, mainly because I was desperate. (In the end, it was very easy to find participants on the fly, so they ended up not in the issue, but in Elska Ekstra instead).

The second Elska couple was also in Istanbul – Ekin K & Emrullah T – the first gay couple to get married in Turkey. Ekin I did plan to shoot in advance, but it wasn’t until the day we met that I knew I’d be shooting his husband too. A nice surprise, although a bit of a tricky shoot since one was much more comfortable in front of a camera than the other. But we made it work!

Finally in Mumbai we met our third Elska couple, S Arif and Inder N. Very in sync, they were easy to shoot and also quite enjoyed it. Inder was especially on board, being cheeky enough to demand that I get naked and let them shoot me too! 

To see more of S Arif & Inder N, and to read their story, pick up Elska Magazine issue (10) Mumbai (India).

P.S. There actually was a couple shot in issue (03) Reykjavík – Haukur G and Kyle B – but they were shot separately, so it’s kinda not the same thing!


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