The first Elska boy… with Diego B

It’s honestly hard to say who was the first Elska boy. Technically the first guy ever shot for Elska Magazine was Nikita S from issue (01) Lviv. But there was a long period before Elska was launched, or even conceived of, where I started meeting guys to shoot. I guess you could say it was during the Elska incubation period, which as it happens, took around nine months. 

I met Diego S at around five in the morning at his house in South LA. I was up early with jetlag, and he was just late to bed. We chatted on one of the gay apps and, since I had just bought a new camera, I suggested trying it out on him. It was in fact the camera used for the first seven issues of Elska, before it broke and required replacing with a (thankfully) better camera. 

The lighting was awful at Diego’s place, so I had to use my on-camera flash, which I covered with an empty plastic milk jug from Diego’s bin to soften things a bit. Then we just started shooting until the sun came up and Diego was finally ready to sleep. Me, on the other hand, I was straight back online to find another “model”, now totally addicted.

Meet our other Elska boys and read their stories in Elska Magazine


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