Our Last Minute Rhody Addition… with Samuel K-M

For most Elska issues, we try to find all our boys in advance. This is both to ensure a smooth and efficient schedule and also to build some rapport with the subjects before we meet for the photoshoot. But usually some people cancel last-minute and leave some gaps in the schedule. This happened in Providence as well is with every issue since we began.

I was sitting in The Shop, a great coffee place on Wickenden Street waiting to meet one of the guys, but he simply didn’t show up. After around ten minutes with no response from him, I decided to turn Grindr on and see if I could find a last-minute replacement. Samuel K-M was one of the guys online who responded, and he was up for it. 

Usually, however, last minute additions don’t work out in some way. The most common problem is that I don’t ever get a story from them, and with Samuel, I feared the same thing. I try to get stories submitted before we shoot, but when you meet a guy on Grindr and shoot him only hours later, it’s not exactly possible. But when we met and shot, I liked the images so much that I decided to hound him for the story. Probably he hates me for it, but I’m super impatient, and well, I got the story in the end. And actually it’s quite a good one. So thanks, Samuel, and sorry if I was a pest.

Pick up a copy of Elska Magazine issue (11) Providence to see more of Samuel K-M and to read the story he wrote for us.

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