An Ekstra Boy… with Ricardo M

Ever since our first issue, there have been some boys who we shot that didn’t get included in the final versions of Elska Magazine. Sometimes it’s because they never submitted a story, or maybe because there just wasn’t enough pages left for everyone, or even occasionally because they pissed me off! With Ricardo, however, it was something a bit unique. The reason I chose to cut Ricardo was because I didn’t think he’d like his pictures and be proud to be in Elska. 

It’s actually one of my rules to never give any of the guys previews of their images before the mag is published. The reason is because in the past, even though I said not to, some boys released their pics on social media before Elska was published. But Ricardo kept pestering me to show him something, and I relented. I sent him one of my favourite images of him, and his response was that he hated it. 

I was kinda crushed. Was it my photography that was to blame or was he just overly critical of his own image? I decided it was the latter, but I knew that even if I told him I thought he looked great, I wouldn’t be able to change his opinion. Maybe he thought he’d look different in a photo, perhaps like a completely different person… but whatever he thought, I knew he wouldn’t be happy. So I decided to use his pics only for Elska Ekstra and not for the printed Elska Magazine. I wasn’t going to throw them away, but just let his editorial fly a little more under the radar.

To see more of Ricardo M and to read his story, pick up a copy of Elska Ekstra e-zine (11) Providence.

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