The Elska Blog has moved to Patreon

For those of you who’ve been enjoying our outtakes, extra pics, and behind the scenes stories on WordPress, Tumblr, or Facebook, these will now be exclusively on Patreon at

Patreon is a sort of independent artist-led subscription service, allowing fans to give support for as little or as much as they want to spend, and get rewards based on it. Our Elska Patreon rewards start at $1 a month, which gives you access to our blog. At $5 you get that plus a subscription to our bi-monthly e-magazine. At $10 you get that plus our bi-monthly flagship Print magazine too. And the rewards keep going.

I love making Elska, and it is my full-time job, but I have to admit that earning a living through making art and publishing on paper is far from easy. I’ve realised that the vast majority of people who tell me how they love Elska rarely buy the magazine, because they simply can’t afford it, even though I promise I’m making it as cheap as I can. Hopefully by offering less expensive ways to support us, and by offering exclusive rewards for it, I’ll be able to encourage more people to come on board.

Cheers + Love,

Liam Campbell

Photographer, Editor and Creator of Elska Magazine

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