A blueberry-quark bun + coffee at Bear Park Cafe… It’s the last day of Helsinki shoot week and the sun is out, so why not take a break?

Full update from the road for Patreon supporters:


Helsinki Update 2

Hey, just posted another behind the scenes update from Helsinki shoot week exclusive for Elska Patreon supporters –

Check it out for something rude, something new, something harsh, and something embarrassing.

*Disclaimer – photo taken with my busted Chinese phone.


Welcome to Ekstra Providence

If you don’t know yet, Elska Ekstra is our companion product to Elska Magazine. Inside you get outtakes from the making of the Magazine, behind the scenes tales, and also extra boys and extra stories. It’s produced in electronic format and is given to our Deluxe Subscribers for free, or can be purchased separately.

In the Providence zine, we’ve focused on showing extra pics of a few boys from the Magazine who we had a particularly hard time editing down. They include Samuel K-M (shown on the cover here), Gwen E, Alexander H, and Nic D. Then we also feature two more lads who didn’t make it into the final Magazine: Ricardo M and Henry M. Add to that a few more stories, and you’ve got around two hundred pages of more Elska.

There’s one Elska Ekstra e-zine produced to go with each city we feature. So if you’re a big Elska fan and want more, check them out!