You know that Elska is a real thing you can touch, not just a website or something, right? Like here’s the latest Elska Brussels edition sat on a table at the MOMA PS1 bookshop in New York.

Get one, touch it, feel it, smell it, take it everywhere with you:


Elska Brussels is here!

Today is the release of our latest Elska edition, this one shot in Brussels, capital of Belgium, capital of Europe! Inside you’ll meet fifteen local guys, shot in the city and in their homes, and each accompanied by a local story so you can get to know them and their town more intimately. 

This one’s nice and big, with 164 pages of full colour images on silky soft deluxe matte paper. It’s a product you can really feel, touch, tote around, and show off. Or you can get a downloadable version too if that’s how you like it.

Come on, order it now!