Alasdair McLellan and the D on the Cover… with Jason W-P

It was a few months before Elska began, I had a day off, and I decided to cycle down to Fuckoffee on Bermondsey Street in London. I was just hanging out, drinking coffee, and leafing through fashion magazines that people had left behind there. One of these mags greatly inspired me.

I don’t remember the name of the magazine but it was something rather mainstream like i-D, and the editorial was shot by Alasdair McLellan. It was an autumn season spread featuring guys in warm, autumn colours. On one page was a lad wearing just a jumper and nothing else, his dick out for all to see. I didn’t know you could do that in an editorial, and I didn’t know you could show full frontal in a “regular” magazine. What impact it had. I wanted to do an editorial like this, and I even wanted to buy the jumper. Seriously.

The editorial made me see the scope of photography differently. It was key to the inception of Elska, a mag that would have nudity but without relegating it to the top shelf. In my photographic training, I certainly learned the rules, but I only truly got excited by the art when I found that I could break them.

For Elska Cape Town when I was shooting Jason W-P, that moment in Fuckoffee came back to me. There I had him in his warm autumnal jumper and nothing else. It was an Alasdair McLellan flashback moment. I fell in love with the pics we took, especially the one you see in the main mag with him laying on the floor, dick out and eyes looking into the camera (the one above is a “safe-for-work” cat-censoring outtake). I very nearly considered using the nude version for the cover, but everyone told me not to. Maybe you can show dick inside a mag, but you can’t put a dick on the cover! Well, maybe next time!


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