Elska was born in Korea… with Min-Hyeok

Even though I studied photography in school and at college, it wasn’t until I took a job as a flight attendant that I really started using it. On average, I’d be in two different countries every week, and would use our 1 or 2 day layovers to explore and document. At first I was more into street photography, which then turned into portraiture, which then turned into a desire to turn this photography stuff into a career.

In my mind, the most sensible career prospect was fashion, so I started to build a portfolio. I’d do this by contacting amateur models during layovers or even modelling agencies and asking to shoot their “fresh faces”. These were both men and women. It did work, and soon I was able to use this portfolio to secure jobs in fashion when back home in London, though usually they were hardly glamorous assisting gigs. 

Sometimes, however, I’d just contact a guy on an app for a non-portfolio shoot. For example, one time during a layover in Korea, even though I did have a shoot booked with a ‘proper’ model the following day, I was itching to shoot as soon as the plane landed. So I turned on Grindr and found this guy Min-Hyeok who lived near our crew hotel. We met, we chatted, and I photographed him. The pics we took wouldn’t work for a fashion portfolio – they were too intimate, too imperfect, and he was too much ‘not like a model’. But I enjoyed these pics more than the others. I loved the honesty and earnestness of them. Here, in Incheon with Min-Hyeok, the seeds of Elska were sown. Elska was born in Korea.

No spoilers, but we might be going to Korea to make a full Elska issue soon. Maybe we’ll even find Min-Hyeok.


London calling…

Back in the pre-Elska days, a good few dozen guys were shot in London, but of course there was no lovely mag to publish them in. So we’re righting the wrongs and returning to London to meet some new men to shoot and publish. I wonder if we’ll run into this guy, Ybere, again. Or if not, I wonder if we’ll find any arses as hairy as his!

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