Welcome to Los Angeles!

Today we launch the latest issue of Elska Magazine, this time made in Los Angeles, California. It’s our eighteenth city-zine, and our second to be made in the USA. It’s also our biggest, comprising 184 pages and 17 local men, all shot in the city and in their homes, and each accompanied by a personal story. 

For us, making an issue in LA was about challenging stereotypes. As is often the case, some stereotypes are true – which is why you’ll notice a lot of palm trees, sunshine, big roads, and petrol stations. Yet most stereotypes are false – the guys we met were not at all self-obsessed, body-fascist starfuckers, and as usual this Elska has a diverse range of men presented equally and as equally beautiful and compelling.

That being said, although Elska doesn’t normally feature celebs, considering that LA is the centre of the entertainment industry, there are a few pretty well-known guys who ended up taking part in this issue. But we’re not going to emphasise them over any of the other lads, so you’ll just have to pick up the issue and see if you recognise anyone!

Elska Los Angeles is available now in a classic print version or in a download version. Also available is our companion e-zine, Elska Ekstra Los Angeles, containing behind the scenes content and stories and pics from five LA guys not featured in the main mag.

Head to our shop now to order:

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