Today is the release of our latest Elska edition, set in Cape Town, South Africa. It’s our sixteenth issue, but our first to be made in Africa, and we’re excited to present it to you.

Among African cities, Cape Town is unique in its demography, being home to a majority mixed-race (‘coloured’ in the local parlance) population, plus large communities of blacks and whites. The fifteen men featured in the issue reflect this multiethnic make-up, and in the stories they wrote, some discuss racial issues, which are exist some twenty-five year after the end of apartheid. Cape Town is then also the gayest city on the African continent, serving as a magnet for queer people across the region, who can live freer here than anywhere else. Some of the stories also touch on this, revealing how special this place is in Africa.

Also available is our companion e-zine, Elska Ekstra Cape Town, where you’ll find behind the scenes tales, extra pics of three guys from the main mag, plus five additional guys and stories not published elsewhere.

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Short but sweet… with Dan G from Elska Bogotá

The shoot with Dan G was short but sweet. In fact it was perhaps the quickest shoot ever done for Elska, but we were very lucky to get any time at all with him. You see, Dan’s a very busy guy, often travelling. When we met he’d only just arrived back from a trip to Cuba the night before, and then he was straightaway off to catch a flight to another Colombian city for work.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Based on all his travels, I assumed he’d be in his late forties or fifties, probably wearing a shirt and tie, fitting my image of a frequent business traveller. I certainly didn’t expect this blue-haired guy who answered the door when I arrived at his flat. Nor did I expect someone so relaxed and open – he was rather keen to get undressed for the camera, which turned out to be the case with nearly everyone we met in Colombia!

As we shot and chatted, we saw that we both love to travel. I’m sure we’d have been able to talk all through the night about our favourite places if we had time. Hopefully I’ll run into him again one day, somewhere in the world, just to hang out and chat. In the meantime however he can travel with me via reading Elska, and we can travel with him through his blog.: It is all in Spanish, which I don’t know, but I can happily look at the pictures at least!


En route… with Matthew W

It had been ages since I’d seen my friend Veronika, a former colleague from my flight attendant days. While I’d gotten out of it (and started Elska) and moved to Providence, she was still in London and flying. Then she got in touch to tell me she just got put on a flight to Philadelphia and wondered if it was close enough to me that we could meet. I wasn’t doing much that weekend so I decided I’d drive down and meet her.

It would be a six hour drive to Philadelphia – not too bad I suppose – but definitely worth a break in the middle. When I saw on the map that NYC was the halfway point, I decided to see if I could find a guy there to shoot. Somehow I stumbled across Matthew W on IG and asked if he was up for it. And he was. 

So I got up at like six in the morning and made my way to Brooklyn. I got to Matte’s place right on time (though I hoped I’d have been early so I’d have been able to get a coffee ‘cos I was knackered). He was tired too. I think he said something about being out all night with some guy and barely got home himself. Anyway we had a little chat, took some pics, and then it was time to go so I could meet Veronika’s flight. Last I heard, Matte was going to move to Japan. Maybe I’ll see him there sometime.