Is There Such a Thing as Too Perfect for Elska?… with Isaac Dawson for Elska Magazine

A major talking point (or even selling point) of Elska Magazine is that we use regular guys rather than models. That isn’t to say that we’re anti-model; it’s more a case of saying that you don’t need to be a model to be beautiful. All types of men can be beautiful and it’s not about perfect skin, perfect bodies or perfect anything. As my Indonesian friend Han told me once, when referring to my magazine as imperfect, “perfect is boring!”

So I look at a guy like Isaac Dawson, photographed by the LA genius Jono (check out more of his work at, and at first I thought he looked too, well, “perfect” for the magazine. But just as I try to include guys who don’t look like Isaac, is it wrong for me to exclude guys because they look like Isaac?


So I had a chat with Isaac on Twitter and did a quick interviewette as he was about to head to the gym. The guy has a story, he has a heart, he has a soul… All of the things that we assume about models, that they are as empty and hollow as a mannequin, are nothing but stereotypes. He is brave, determined, and ambitious. And he is not perfect.

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