Just stumbled across this old pic, not published in an Elska. He was a guy who I used to see in the Sainsbury’s supermarket in Clapham a lot. Can’t remember his name though. Hey, are you out there???


Hola elskans! We can officially announce that our fifteenth edition will be made in Bogotá, Colombia. It’s our first time in a Latin country (or does Portugal count?); it’s also our first time in the southern hemisphere (well, not quite, but really close).

So if you’d like to be photographed by us and write a story for our Elska Bogotá edition, send us a message, preferably by email, to We’ll be there from 8 – 15 November.

As always, everyone is welcome no matter where you were born, how old you are, what colour you are, or what size jeans you wear. The only criteria is that you must live in Bogotá.


Cruising… with Lionel P-P

Just to make it clear from the start, I’m not going to be writing about that kind of cruising. I’m talking about boats, although I suppose a lot of cruising goes on on cruises too. Anyway Lionel works on ships, that’s his career. He wrote about it in his story in the main Elska Brussels edition. And it really got me thinking about how it’s possible that so many people in the world actually enjoy going on a cruise.

I seriously don’t get it. To me it sounds like a sort of expensive prison. Yes I know…

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