Fleeting… with Bruno P by Mitch Cullen

Elska Magazine issue (10) contains work by two photo-artists beyond Mumbai in our Elska Dehors section. One comes from Mitch Cullin, someone brought to me by fate. I was in Mumbai, shooting Namit K in his bedroom, when he got out a copy of a photobook made my Mitch. I hadn’t come across his work before but I straightaway sent him a message on Tumblr to show my admiration. Soon we were chatting and discussing a potential submission for Elska Dehors. 

I couldn’t be more happy with what Mitch sent in, an evocative analogue set from the desert of a boy who came quickly into and even more quickly left his life. The story he wrote was so beautifully sincere that I am reminded how wonderful it is that cameras exist to capture fleeting moments from fleeting relationships. And somehow the series has an effect of making me see Mitch in the images of Bruno even more clearly than you can see Bruno… if that makes sense. Anyway, absolutely in love here and hope to see more from Mitch in the future.

To see the full set of Mitch’s images of Bruno and to read the story he wrote for us, pick up a copy of Elska Magazine issue (10) Mumbai (India).