An Elska reader showing off his lovely, lovely copy of Elska. We love to see our happy customers! 


So yes, it’s very early notice, but following a lovely time at last month’s Drag Con NYC, we are now confirmed to have a table at Drag Con LA next 11, 12 & 13 May.

Here’s hoping there’s even more fans, more queens, and more giant blow-up dolls of The Donald. 


Cruising… with Lionel P-P

Just to make it clear from the start, I’m not going to be writing about that kind of cruising. I’m talking about boats, although I suppose a lot of cruising goes on on cruises too. Anyway Lionel works on ships, that’s his career. He wrote about it in his story in the main Elska Brussels edition. And it really got me thinking about how it’s possible that so many people in the world actually enjoy going on a cruise.

I seriously don’t get it. To me it sounds like a sort of expensive prison. Yes I know…

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Here’s Luca G from our Elska Berlin edition, which has just been re-issued and re-printed with a new cover and some new pics throughout. Here’s an extra unpublished pic, showing my one time experiment with a red filter. Hey, I got it for free, so why not?!

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