Our latest “Elska selfie” comes from one of our Patreon supporters, a California guy called Matthew. He’s kind of emphasising that we don’t only do print mags, but we also offer a companion bonus e-zine called Elska Ekstra. In this picture, though hard to read, it’s our Elska Ekstra Bogotá zine. 


Another Elska selfie sent in from a Sydney guy called Bryce, showing off his copies of Elska Berlin, Elska Reykjavík, Elska Istanbul, and the rare first run of Elska Lviv. You can follow him at

And if you want one of those rare Elska Lviv issues, there seem to still be a few copies left at The Bookshop Darlinghurst in Sydney.


I like to affectionately refer to Elska readers as ‘elskans’, an anglicised plural version of the word ‘elskan’ which means ‘darling’ in Icelandic. Like Gaga has her monsters, Kesha her animals, and Kylie her lovers, we have our elskans.

Sometimes our elskans like to send in selfies with their favourite issues of Elska. Like this one from someone who wants to be known as “horny customer.” Well thanks, Horny Customer. Keep them coming!

And if you’re an elskan who’d like to send in an elska selfie, send it to


Wank Mag Selfie… from Daniel & Drew

So, you know, sometimes we get pics of guys with their copies of Elska. Sometimes they’re in a relaxing reading pose. Sometimes they’re doing a little nude pic with the Elska laid next to them or in the background. Or sometimes they’re standing in a shop smiling as they hold their new purchase. And then there’s this one, not like any Elska selfie we’ve ever received, sent in from Daniel & Drew.

I kinda don’t know what to say about it, but I figured if anything, Tumblr would be the place to post it. Christ knows I can’t put it on the Elska Instagram or FB page. Or hmm, how about some guerilla marketing campaign where I litter some city with these printed as posters? Could I go to prison for that? There’s laws on “decency”, right?

Anyway, most of all I wonder what Cenk Y, the guy on the cover of this Elska Istanbul issue, would think. I hope he’d be flattered. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to tell him or not, but maybe he watches our Tumblr.

P.S. Feel free to send us your Elska selfies too, to They don’t have to be naked though, just saying.