Our 20% off sale is on for only three more days, but we thought maybe you’d notice it better if we told you with a naked pic. So here’s Michał G who was shot for Elska last year.

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Getting your attention with another naked pic, this one a previously unpublished ultra low-fi image of Michał G, who we shot for Elska last year. 

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Beirut… is there anybody out there?

A few months ago we met and shot this Lebanese expat for our Elska Brussels edition (and this pic is taken from Elska Ekstra Brussels). Anyway a couple weeks ago we started preparing for a future Elska issue shot in a Middle Eastern city. It is not Beirut, but everyone tells me that Lebanon would be a fantastic location for an Elska. But even if it is one of the gayest cities in the region, isn’t it still too conservative to find fifteen or so guys there to shoot, including nude, and then published in a pretty gay sort of publication? Let us know your thoughts and advice, and then maybe we’ll do Elska Beirut in 2018. 


10th Issue, 10th City – Elska meets the men of Mumbai, India

I can’t believe we’ve been doing this for over a year and a half. We show up in some city, meet a bunch of local boys and photograph them in their homes and on their streets. Then each writes a story for us, and their images and texts are put together in this thing we call Elska Magazine. Simple!

So why India? Well, after we did our first issue in Asia about a year ago, we heard a lot about how few [East] Asian men are seen in LGBT media. It’s true, but then we realised that South Asian men are even less visible, so we felt challenged to sort this out! Plus India seemed like a fascinating way to spend a couple of weeks, so why not?

Ten issues, ten cities so far… Lviv, Berlin, Reykjavík, Lisbon, Taipei, Istanbul, Cardiff, Toronto, Yokohama, Mumbai… it reads like a quirky fashion store window or an American Apparel bag (RIP)! Our next edition will be made in a US city, then in a European one, then in a Middle Eastern one… then who knows? Nowhere is off the table, and any guy is welcome on our pages, whether he’s an 18 year old fit white boy (thinking of Sasha K from Lviv) or a 73 year old B&B owner into public nudity (thinking of Richard W from Toronto). Authenticity is the goal here, not selling copies (though we’d really really like you to buy some)!

So please do pick up a copy of Elska Magazine sometime (or maybe collect them all). Then meet the boys on our pages, get to know them and their cities, and show us some support. There’s no ads, there’s no agenda, just local boys and local stories. Cheers!

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