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But it’s too late to come on home… with Michał G. for Elska Magazine

I shot before with Michał G., a guy I met at a party where Florence & the Machine was playing. I’d been meaning to listen to her latest album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, and it took Michał to push me into finally doing it. We also decided, on the night we met, that we’d do some photos together.


Needing aural inspiration as I always do, I chose my favourite song from that album, “Long and Lost”. It wasn’t even a track that Michał remembered, but it spoke to me. Like Michał, we both emigrated from our homes and moved on too much to ever be able to go back.

The imagery reminded me of an old VHS tape that gets scratchier and fuzzier every time you watch it. That’s my birthplace to me, not home but just a blurred up mess that I no longer even have a machine capable of playing it, i.e. a VCR.

I added some scratchiness and colouration that seemed to emulate my memory of old tapes. And I doubled up two images, like the part of the tape where you’ve recorded over one show to make room for another.  And so we have Michał reminding me that it’s no longer possible to go home, and really it’s not home at all. It’s only a place I remember, fuzzily.

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Florence and the Tourist / Shooting in Cemeteries… with Michał G for Elska Magazine

I met Michał at my friend and fellow photographer Emre’s house. I was helping him unwrap a load of expensive lighting kit and assisting him with trying out his new kit for the first time. Michał was his model, someone who’d not done modeling before yet was a total natural, extremely photogenic. So when Emre was done I asked if I could photograph him too. I just asked him to tell me his favourite artist so I could maybe use some of that music for inspiration. His response was Florence Welch.

I spent the next few days until we’d meet listening to the back catalogue of Florence and the Machine. Eventually I decided on “Blinding”. The line that jumped out was “a tourist in the waking world, never quite awake”, so I chose to meet at a cemetery in Battersea/Wandsworth.

Have a listen on Spotify to the gorgeous song:


Cemeteries are tricky places to shoot because even though they’re absolutely beauty, there is a cautiousness and respect that needs to be adhered to. So no big smiles, no overtly sexy pouts either, just natural, sombre, and thoughtful. And you need to be careful to not get any actual mourners caught in the frame. These are peaceful places, so we want peaceful faces and peaceful sounds. It’s perfectly Florence and perfectly Michał.

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