Elska Cape Town calling!

We’ll be in Cape Town from 6 – 13 Dec. If you’re a local guy and would like to be in our upcoming Elska Cape Town edition, send an email to


Elska Meets the Men of Haifa, Israel

The latest edition of Elska was made in Haifa. We had more requests to do an edition in Israel than in any other country, though probably most expected Tel Aviv or even Jerusalem. But why be obvious? Besides, with Haifa’s reputation as the country’s most diverse and harmonious city, this had to be our destination.

Inside Elska Haifa you will meet sixteen local men, each of whom were photographed throughout their beautiful mountain-meet-seascape city and/or in their homes. Each of their intimate photospreads is then accompanied by a personal story, helping you get to know them even more, as if you were there in Haifa with us as we met and photographed them.

Owing to the city’s diversity, our first Israeli Elska features men from various backgrounds – Jews and Arabs of course, as well as some from the city’s huge post-Soviet communities and beyond. Some of the stories reveal particular struggles, such as an Arab dealing with coming out to a conservative community, a Jew desperate to make it through his compulsory military service, or a new Russian immigrant trying to fit in. These men do reveal some of their pain, but they share their hope as well. It is this hope that we encountered all over Haifa that makes us so proud of this edition.

​Elska Haifa is 164 pages and is available in a classic print version or in a download version from


Hola elskans! We can officially announce that our fifteenth edition will be made in Bogotá, Colombia. It’s our first time in a Latin country (or does Portugal count?); it’s also our first time in the southern hemisphere (well, not quite, but really close).

So if you’d like to be photographed by us and write a story for our Elska Bogotá edition, send us a message, preferably by email, to We’ll be there from 8 – 15 November.

As always, everyone is welcome no matter where you were born, how old you are, what colour you are, or what size jeans you wear. The only criteria is that you must live in Bogotá.